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    Glassfish 3.1 + Event + @Observes + TransactionPhase.AFTER_COMPLETION leads to WELD-000401 error

    Michael  Newbie

      I'm trying to fire an event from a stateless bean which is received within another stateless bean using an @Observes annotated method. As I want the Event to be delievered only after the transaction completes in any way I'm using TransactionPhase.AFTER_COMPLETION for the "during" setting.

      The bean method, that fires the event is Asynchronous, the observing method is not (in fact I checked, it doesn't make a difference, both asynchronous and non asynchronous methods lead to the same error).

      Now, when I fire an event I get the following error
      WELD-000401 Failure while notifying an observer of event mypackage.MyClass@1562977

      Strangely enough, this worked just fine in glassfish 3.01 and has only occurred since we upgraded to 3.1

      So far, in this forum, there's only one other post about this and it seems to be connected but there are no real answers/solutions as of yet.

      Anyone experiencing the same troubles or found an solution or at least can explain what exactly is going on and what has changed since 3.01?