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    Interceptor not used on innerclass invokations

    kowalczyk Newbie


      I'm learning CDI, so I developed a @Cached annotations that cache function return type based on method name, object and parameters equality in a given scope. So I am using it in a bean:

      @Named @Singleton
      public class TestCache {
           private int onePerRequest = 0;
           private int onePerSession = 0;
           public int runOncePerRequest(){
                return ++onePerRequest;
           public int runOncePerSession(){
                return ++onePerSession;
           //here the value is not cached
           public int delegatedOncePerRequest(){
                return runOncePerRequest();

      So when I'm using this bean in JSF2 view, first method returns the same value each time called in request. Second function always returns 1.

      But the last function returns different value on each call.

      Is it expected behavior, that inner class methods calls are not intercepted?
      If it is expected, can it be changed?

      I'm using Glassfish 3.1

      ps. If I change the class extensions to 'groovy', the last method call will lead to an error. I have two types of errors in Groovy classes with inner calls, in this example I get

      Illegal class name "cache/org$jboss$weld$bean-jsf_glasfish-ManagedBean-class_cache$TestCache_$$_WeldSubclass$runOncePerRequest

      in different place (more complex @Named @SessionScoped bean) I've got 

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: object is not an instance of declaring class

      Krzysztof Kowalczyk