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    Clustering weld session

    Calebe Varga Newbie

      Hi folks

      I'm having troubles with session replication on a clustered environment.

      Using weld 1.1.1.Final, two JBoss 6.1 instances (hudson build 38).

      I have set inside web.xml the distributable
      tag. Added the replication tags inside jboss-web.xml.

      I have done the same test with a servlet and a simple Seam pojo app. Both of them replicates the session perfectly, so it is not an environment problem. I have done the same procedure with weld-jsf-login example, but no success.

      Any ideas ?


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          Calebe Varga Newbie

          After a lot of debugs and traces. The problem is related to Seam Faces. (I forgot to mention that i was using it).
          Somehow the page observer

          public void observeBefore(@Observes @RenderResponse @Before PhaseEvent e)

          inside a class that injects a session scope, interfere with the replication.

          I will submit the problem in the right forum.