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    How to reRender the dataTable only after the server side act

    NEERAJ KELA Newbie

      I have a similar issue with my dataTable. This datatable has a commandlink that invokes 'remove' modalPanel to delete the row for which the commandLink is clicked. In this modalPanel, when I click the 'Yes' button, the corresponding row values are removed from the local collection object that is bind with dataTable and from the database also.

      There is a separate link below the dataTable that invokes 'add' modalPanelThe to insert new row in the dataTable. I am able to successfully add new row in the dataTable but not in the correct order. Thus when I tries to remove the record immediately after adding the record, the 'remove' modalPanel does not picks up the correct record. However when I refresh the page manually, the dataTable orders the rows correctly in the dataTable and then I am able to select and remove the correct record.

      Please let me know how to reRender the dataTable after the server side insert action is completed or suggest me an alternate solution for this issue.