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    circular reference error

    nimo stephan Master

      I have two standard ejb-stateless-bean:

      public class B1 {
      @In B2 b2;

      public class B2 {
      @In B1 b1;

      You see, I inject one stateless bean to the other stateless bean, and vice versa.

      I get this error:
      org.jboss.weld.exceptions.DeploymentException: WELD-001443 Pseudo scoped bean has circular dependencies.

      Normally, circular dependencies are not a good design, but I need methods from B1 in B2 and methods from B2 in B1, what is wrong with that design?

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          Jan Groth Novice

          Well, the beans in your scenario are pseudo-scoped, this means that the container is unable to proxy them - which in turn leads to the deployment error.

          I can't give you technical details about why this exception is thrown, would be interesting to test if it would work if you use pure @EJB annotations for dependency injection.

          A workaround would be to change the scope to something proxyable like @RequestScoped...


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            nimo stephan Master

            Yes, I did it before with @EJB and it works. A stateless EJB does not need/have a scope. When using @In, I also inject the scope and the STATE of the other bean, so I guess, this is the reason, why I have to assign a scope explicitly.

            However, it is much better to use @EJB in such scenarios - I only want to use the services and not want to hold some state/scope.