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    Anybody can help on the seemingly memory leaking issue in weld or seam3 transaction?

    richard yang Newbie

      I have detailed the problem we are having in seam 3 JIRA:

      So far I have not got any solution and we got memory issue (garbage collecting could not keep up with weld/seam's usage).

      The basic issue is like this:

      We have Bean A class being annotated with TransactionAtrribute and Bean B is annotated with TransactionAtrribute. Seam transaction interceptor is enabled, therefore seam is managing the transaction.

      However, if Bean A is injecting Bean B (Bean A is also ApplicationScoped), memory usage will be gradually increased and then eventually (after intensive performance testing with lots of concurrent users), the OutOfMemory error will occur. I have detailed the heap dump analysis in the above JIRA.

      Since Seam team does not address my problem, I wonder if Weld user forum could help me on this.