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    Weld Conversation doesn't work well with JSF ajax calls

    Wang Liyu Apprentice

      I'm using the latest Weld (1.1.1.Final), and I found the Weld doesn't work (or at least not well) with JSF ajax/RichFaces a4j calls.
      And I'm not sure if this is by design or a bug?
      The problem is when I begin the conversation, Weld requires to sent the cid to the client and next get will bring that CID back, and WeldPhaseListener will active the LRC according to the CID in the requestMap. the ajax call pretty much same with normal get call, the only problem is that it doesn't the store the sentback CID, so next time when it fire the request, the WeldPhaseListener doesn't have the cid, so it begin a new transient conversation rather than active the previous LRC.

      Right now it's pain in the butt, the work around is to store that cid as a hidden field in the next form. I think it's not the right approach. Should Weld store the cid somewhere in a internal session scope bean? so it doesn't require bring the cid back and force?