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    Cyclic injection until OutOfMemoryError

    Ondrej Zizka Master


      I have a bean, JpaLoggerService, which @Inject's EntityManager.

      This EM is my own EM implementation which delegates work to Hibernate's EM.

      JpaLoggerService also has a @PostConstruct @JpaTransactional method which uses the EM.
      @JpaTransactional brings in an interceptor which initializes the Hibernate's EM

      The EM is taken from an EntityManagerFactory which is created in @ApplicationScoped EntityManagerStoreImpl's @PostConstruct method.

      If the JpaLoggerService is @Dependent, it causes initialization recursion - EntityManagerStoreImpl is initialized many times until OutOfMemoryError is thrown.

      If the JpaLoggerService is @ApplicationScoped, it's ok.

      Shouldn't EntityManagerStoreImpl be initialized only once? How can this recursion happen if it's @ApplicationScoped?