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    Problem with blocking js RichFaces 3.3.2

    Marcos Meneghette Newbie

      I have an application that is using rich faces 3.3.2, and when I access the application works fine, but when my client access the application, is giving the following error at the bottom of the IE Browser: 'panel menu' is undefied, and the PanelMenu does not works,

      When he access outside the network company its works, i guess the problem is the firewall or proxy is blocking js files,

      So I asked him to access the RichFaces website, but it's works perfect, looking at the source of richfaces website, i see that js files is with extension .jsf, example: ui_pack.js.jsf, but my application is ui_pack.js, i guess the problem doesnt happing at the richfaces websites, because de puts .jsf at the end of the file name.

      O would like to konw how to do That ?

      Could any one hel me ? I'm facing this problem for 3 months.