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    calendar x scrollableDataTable

    Edilmar Alves Expert


      My environment is:
      - Fedora 12;
      - NetBeans 6.7.1;
      - Tomcat 6.0.18;
      - JSF 1.2;
      - RichFaces 3.3.2;
      - Firefox 3.5.5.

      I have a filter page with 2 components rich:calendar, a "Filter" button and a new line with a scrollableDataTable. Then, my idea is: when user types 2 dates and clicks "Filter" button, the scrollableDataTable should be filled with some data.

      However, the calendars are directly above scrollableDataTable. When the user clicks at some calendar popup button, the days appear fine but the user can't click some day to select and fill the calendar. It appears that the window showed with the days is back of scrollableDataTable. The user clicks in the position of some day and the table row exactly in this pixel is selected.

      Is this a bug of rich:calendar combined with scrollableDataTable?

      If rich:calendar is in another place, with no components below, it works fine. I put many empty lines between calendar and table, and calendar worked really fine.