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    Bijection and interfaces

    Stephane Epardaud Newbie


      I have two entities (Foo and Bar) implementing a common interface (Commentable) which has this method:

      public interface Commentable{
       List<Comment> getComments();

      I have then a page to show details about Foo entities and another page for Bar entities. Both pages want to show the list of comments though. Each of these page defines a bijected PAGE value for the current Foo, or the current Bar:

      public class FooBean{
       @Out(scope = ScopeType.PAGE) Foo foo;
      public class BarBean{
       @Out(scope = ScopeType.PAGE) Bar bar;

      How can I write a CommentBean which would return the list of comments for any Foo or Bar entity?

      public class CommentBean{
       @In(required = false) Foo foo;
       @In(required = false) Bar bar;
       @DataModel List<Comment> commentList;
       public void initCommentList(){
        // get the list of comments for foo or bar

      Right now I'm thinking I try to inject both and whichever gets a value is the right object to work on. But I'm not sure this is the correct way to do it.
      Of course this is a simplification of the problem, my CommentBean has more work to do on Commentable objects.

      Ideally I would want something like this in CommentBean:

      @In(fromValue = "foo OR bar") Commentable commentable;

      Or similar but using less ugly syntax :)