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    A few seam questions

    Leo DAngelo Newbie

      I have a few seam related questions.  Rather than a few seperate posts I thought I would bundle them all together.

      1) I'm pretty certain I found a bug in seam-gen/jboss tools.  How should I proceed?  I read somewhere that I should ask if it is a bug on the forums and if so then log a bug in JIRA.  Is that the process?

      2)If I wanted to fix the bug is there information on how to setup a development environment to modify/debug seam-gen/jboss tools?

      3) How do people use seam-gen/jboss tools?  I have successfully reverse engineered a database into a 'prototype'.   What is the 'best practice' for using these tools?  If I add logic and rerun the 'generation' any logic I have added will get overwritten?  So should I modify the 'generator' to inherit from my own interfaces and put the business logic in the inherited interfaces?  Other suggestions?

      4) Are there any good examples out there that integrate seam with, servicemix, mule or anyother SOA?  How about drools for a BRE and a workflow solution for the process?

      I think those are enough questions for right now.

      Thank you in advance,