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    seam-gen with JBoss (Seam) tools

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      following is regarding Seam2.0.0.GA:

      when I run thru the seam-gen interview (wizards) in Eclipse Europa with JBoss Tools (Seam Tools) plugin, the result is four projects (folders) and no build.xml.

      when I run seam-gen from command prompt I get one project (folder) and a build.xml.  this is achieved by doing the following:

      1) seam setup
      2) enter config data
      3) seam create-project

      why is there a difference here?  in terms of project footprint as well as build.xml?  is the jboss tools seam-gen running different seam commands and thus creating more projects/folders?  why?  is this modifyable?

      in terms of best practice, what is recommended and used by the Seam dev team?  one project/folder per Seam app or multiple?