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    Seam-jBPM assign task to multiple specific userIDs

    Aimee Ukasick Newbie


      I am new to using jBPM and Seam and need help in assigning a task to multiple specific userIDs.

      Ex: 1) 1 request; 2) each request has exactly one approver; 3) each request has one to many reviewers.

      the reviewerIDs are being handed to me as a collection of Strings; there are literally 500 potential reviewers in the system; reviewerIDs are auto-assigned by a rules engine based on data in the request

      I think I can assign the approver as follows:

      <task name="taskApproval" description="approve request">
         <assignment actor-id="#{request.team.approverID}" />

      Any ideas on how I can create/assign review tasks to multiple userIDs? Each reviewer fills out and submits his/her own review before the approval can be submitted.

      The Seam examples don't cover this scenario.

      In a non-seam environment, I understand that tasks would be assigned by a class that implements an AssignmentHandler.

      Let's say there are 5 reviewerIDs passed to me.
      Will this create 5 separate review tasks and assign one review task to each reviewerId?

      <task name="taskReview" description="review request">
         <assignment expression="#{request.team.reviewerIDs}" />

      From looking at the Seam examples, it seems that all Seam/jBPM interaction is handled via annotations. Can I use classes that implement jBPM interfaces? Would this mess up the Seam/jBPM interaction, conversations, or ??

      Any help is greatly appreciated.
      Thanks in advance!