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    Validation of s:fileUpload

    Jonas Buechel Novice

      I'd like to validate data of the s:fileUpload component.

      Considering this topic i found this
      post on the old forum. Reading the post and the issue details I don't quite understand if it's currently possible to validate such a field (and how) or not.

      I'd expect something as the following:

      <s:fileUpload data="#{fwcInputProperty}" fileName="#{fwcInputFileName}" contentType="#{fwcInputContentType}">
           <f:validator validatorId="catalogTemplateValidator" />
           <s:validate />

      Is something like this possible?

      Thanks for any information!

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          Jonas Buechel Novice

          :-) Of course i did try it before i wrote the post.
          After your reply I tried it again though, unfortunately without success. The (reduced) code:

               <s:decorate template="#{theme.inputTextHorizontal}">
                    <ui:param name="fwcLabelMessageKey" value="catalogTemplate_label_name" />
                    <ui:param name="fwcInputProperty" value="#{catalogTemplateSelection.name}" />
                    <ui:param name="fwcInputRequired" value="true" />
                    <ui:define name="fwcInputValidator">
                         <f:validator validatorId="com.frox.aafn.action.validator.catalogTemplateValidator" />
                         <s:validate />
               <s:fileUpload data="#{catalogTemplateSelection.file}" fileName="#{catalogTemplateSelection.fileName}">
                    <f:validator validatorId="catalogTemplateValidator" />
                    <s:validate />
          <h:commandButton value="#{messages['controls_save']}"
               action="#{catalogTemplateAction.persistCatalogTemplate}" />

          The validate(FacesContext, UIComponent, Object) method is just not beeing called.

          I'd be happy if you could tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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            Thomas Robert Newbie

            Are there any plans to make this work at some point ? As of now, it's impossible to use required or validator attributes
            for the s:fileUpload tag. Does anybody use this component in a real life application, and was able to find a satisfying
            workaround ?

            I'm ok with the team rejecting the proposed patch, but imho, the issue is far from closed, even on the 2.2.1.CR2 version,
            the one I use presently.