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    Basic Questions on Seam and Injection

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      I am new to Seam. I am reading a lot about it, and following some sample code does not seem too complicated, but whenever I try to build something on my own, I get stuck.
      Here's what I am trying to do: I have a model with generic Users, each of which is either a Buyer or a Seller. Let's say that all sellers are internal, whereas each Buyer is associated with a Location. I want to be able to add Buyers and Sellers in a manner that I create both User and Seller or Buyer objects in one shot, and of course, in case of a Buyer object, associate it to a Location. I should be able to do so because Seller and Buyer share same properties with User object.
      In my user manager action, I am trying to inject User, Buyer and Seller objects with


      On the page, I am referring to these objects as

      but I always get
      In attribute requires non-null value

      for any object I try to inject. Why can't I force creation of empty objects that I set values to and then persist them?
      I can provide more details or post some code, but I think this is a question that is general enough.