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    Support for SQLQuery in HibernateEntityQuery

    Stephane Epardaud Newbie


      We are using Seam's EntityQuery in order to support paging for our queries.
      For one of our query however, we would need UNION, which is not supported in Hibernate, but their JIRA issue about it suggests that it should be doable using an SQLQuery in hibernate.
      I do see a HibernateEntityQuery class in Seam, but it looks as if it only accepts EJB-QL.
      Is there a way to use a Seam Query which would be backed by a Hibernate SQLQuery?
      If not, is it something that will be done in the future?

      Thanks for your help. It is really nice to be able to query the devs in this forum and get the knowledge from the source. Hope my question is relevant.