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    Different bundles in database

    Daniel Wachter Newbie


      I just implemented the message bundle stored in a database as descripted from Pete Muir in his blog.

      Now I have some questions about that implementation.

      In the object ResourceBundle I can define differents resource bundles. But I don't see any possibiliy to get a label directly from a specific bundle. If I work with the seam resource bundle, all the different bundles will be searched! (page-name, faces-messages, defined bundles from components.xml)

      I call the bundle with:

      java.util.ResourceBundle resourceBundle = org.jboss.seam.core.ResourceBundle.instance();

      If I have different bundles in the database (viewBundle, dataBundle) is it possible to a label directly from a specific bundle without searching all avaiable bundles?

      Did I missunderstanding something?

      Thank you for helping