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    Asynchronous annotation and SLSB components

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      Are there any working examples anywhere to download that demonstrate using @Asynchronous, @IntervalDuration and @Expiration methods for EJB3 timer or Quartz scheduling in EJB components, not just Seam POJO components (i.e. classes w/ @Stateless)?

      All the classes I've found in the examples Seam distro folder are using straight-up POJO's (i.e. w/o @Stateless).  non-EJB POJO examples include:


      I would post my code but I am having a difficult time with invalid markup BULLSHIT errors that I can't completely read and that never occurred when I posted code fragments in the old Seam forum.  This is very irritating and time consuming.

      Also, are both of the tags below (this site doesn't seem to handle xml, angle brackets, quotes or equal signs very well??) required in the components.xml?  The second one (ThreadPoolDispatcher) is not referenced in the Seam doc in section 18.1 but is in the components.xml for seampay app.

      • async:timer-service-dispatcher

      • component class org.jboss.seam.async.ThreadPoolDispatcher precedence 40