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    JBoss Seam questions

    Anna Manukyan Newbie


      I'm new to Seam, and I want to ask you several questions:
      The project in which development I'm participating is consist of the different code parts, as only JSF, EJB 2.0, JSP, Servlets etc. Our project runs on JBoss 4.2.0GA. So I need to add a little part of where I need to use JBoss Seam with EJB 3.0.
      My questions are:

      1) Can this conflict with other parts of our project or not?
      2) If not, is it necessary to add SeamPhaseListener to faces-config.xml or not, because when I add it I get an exception.
      3) Maybe this is not the right place, but can you add some example of ejb-jar.xml for my EJB 3.0 beans, as I couldn't found any, and my EJB beans didn't initialize at all, but when I use just bean without EJB 3.0 (with annotation @Name it is not initialized too). Maybe I forgot to add any xml file?

      Thanks in advance, andy.