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    Flamingo - brings Flex to your Seam app

    Artem Pleskatsevich Newbie

      With Exadel Flamingo, Flex can be easily glued to Seam.

      Exadel Flamingo provides a set of commands that help a developer to generate initial code. To bootstrap a project, a developer answers a few questions in a wizard. Based on these questions, a standard project is generated. Flamingo is based on Maven, therefore the new application is generated according to Maven conventions, making it easy for people familiar with Maven to navigate through the project.

      The generated code provides all the necessary plumbing and connectivity from Flex to Seam. A developer only needs to focus on business functionality; Flamingo takes care of the rest. All communications between the user interface and Seam components are taken care of by Exadel Flamingo.

      Exadel Flamingo also provides a set of Flex components that make it extremely convenient to support specific features of Seam on the client side.

      More info at http://flamingo.exadel.com