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    Weblogic 10 Patch for varargs roadblock

    Paul Tisca Newbie

      We requested a patch from BEA to fix the Seam varargs error during Weblogic startup. They sent us a patch in January that fixed the issue.

      Though we haven't tried to refactor any of the bundled Seam examples yet, we were successful in building a simple demo using EJB 3.0 SLSB backing beans.

      I'm wondering if anyone else has received a patch from BEA and were successful in refactoring the Seam Booking demo?

      The patch is for Weblogic 10 SP1 and it updates Weblogic's MethodSignature and MethodSignatureParser classes.

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          Jay Balunas Novice

          I believe at least on other person has requested a patch from BEA  - although I'm not sure on their status.

          We are going to create a special jboss-seam-wls.jar file that will not have the offending EJB in it as a temp work around to get past the bea issue.

          I would hope that bea's patch would make it into their next release.

          Please keep us informed - I know there is a interest in it.