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    Start shopping

    Adam R. Newbie


      I get an error when I click on “start shopping” in dvdstore.

      IMHO, not the best time to fail :-)


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          Jay Balunas Novice

          Could we get a little more info please.

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            Adam R. Newbie

            Hi Jay,

            Here you go:


            It is unarguably an embarrassing failure. However, I recommend that you make sure it does not get fixed until later.

            I’d like to share something that I’ve observed. Is there an email that I could use to send a description?

            Thanks again,

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              Jay Balunas Novice

              You are welcome to use my email from my profile if you do not want to post it here.

              I will look into the DVD demo app, but it looks like it could be having server issues.  I'm also not 100% sure what version the demos are running.

              Have you tried the example from seam 2.X distribution?  Have you seen the same issue there?


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                Jay Balunas Novice

                Scratch the server issue comment above - the link you sent me goes straight to the page with the error - not the front page - so I thought the app was down. 

                When I use the link on the sites front page I see the application, but the start shopping link does cause the error as the said.

                From the exception it looks like a JDBC/datasource connection issue.  We'll look into what is happening.