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    Events and support for remove listener

    Kenneth Christensen Novice

      I have a case where I want to add and remove an event programmatic. Events have an addListener() (and addListener() support only methodBindingExpression) but a removeListener() is missing, why?

      A solution is to use:




      But removeObserverMethods() removes all observers from a component - not useful every time.

      removeObserverMethods() javadoc/comment:

          * Remove any observer methods registered on the component. Needed to clean
          * out old observer methods on hot deploy
          * @param component

      Looks like this is internal Seam stuff :-)
      And I guess Init is supposed to be used by Seam and not the users of the Seam framework !?

      But at the moment, I need to use


      if I want to solve my issue.

      Would it be possible to expand Events with above functionality? Should I create a JIRA?