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    using application context for caching

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      I'm working on a POC using Seam 2.0.0.GA and JBoss 4.2.1.GA.

      The requirement is to cache a list that is the result of querying Active Directory.  The objective is to minimize the number of hits to AD.  The list is used to populate a dataTable (also a map is returned to populate a drop-down box).

      I'm trying to use javax.ejb.Timer and @Asynchronous to schedule queries on a particular configured interval to AD.

      Reason we're using application context is b/c this data is independent of the client's session (and thus does not seem to belong in the conversation or session contexts).

      Chapter 19 on Caching in the Seam doc states:

      The application can cache non-transactional state in the Seam application context. State kept in the application
      context is of course not visible to other nodes in the cluster.

      Is there any potential problem with using this design to cache AD data?