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    Strange page reload when click link on the page

    Gus Gu Expert

      Hi all,

      I don't know whether it is wrong with my code or it is Seam bug. I have a list page. Every time when I click on Edit link to edit an instance or click on other link on this page, the loadDoc method in the Bean is always called before redirect. Any help is appreciative.

      <ice:dataTable value="#{myDocList}" var="doc"\>
           <ice:commandLink value="Edit Doc"
                <f:param name="docId" value="#{doc.id}"/>
      public class MyDocListerBean extends implements MyDocLister {
           @Out(required=false, scope=ScopeType.PAGE)
           private List<Doc> myDocList;
           public void loadDoc() {
                ... retrieve doc from database...