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    3.4.0-SNAPSHOT and Patches

    Viktor Rees Newbie


      Using 3.4.0-SNAPSHOT from maven repositories I encounterd a problem that seams to be already fixed in HHH-3705 and HHH-3602 since a while.

      1.) Isn't it right that the patches were fixed in the Snapshot repositories immediately?

      2.) Is it possible to build the newer version 3.5.0-SNAPSHOT from souce and use it in the JBoss AS 5.0.0? I suppose there will be a version conflict with the other hibernate libs.

      3.) What's the best way to get rid of that bug which is already fixed?


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          Adam Warski Master


          no, the snapshots doesn't necessarily contain the newest version, as you have invoke creating a snapshot and uploading it, which I haven't done for a while :)

          As for 2 - of course - just checkout and build - the detailed instructions are in the manual. As for the version conflict, you can always use Envers 1.2.0, which contains all of the newest bug fixes, and is Hibernate 3.3-compatible.