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    problem with jsf

    jeremy girard Newbie

      Hi all, i don't know if it's tha good place for that but i have a strange behaviour.

      I've got a peace of code like this :
      <tr:iterator value="#{listImages}" var="imageDayList" rows="0">
          <h:panelGrid columns="3">
              <tr:iterator value="#{imageDayList}" var="imageEntry" rows="0">
                      some <h:output ...

      The both iterator works properly but the panelGroup is not interpreted, so the layout is not good.
      All element are on only 1 col instead of 3.

      Thanks for help.

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          jeremy girard Newbie

          I tried to replace </h:panelGroup> by <tr:panelGroupLayout>, but i always got the same result.

          And for each <tr:panelGroupLayout> to display i've got the following error in my console :

          0:41:07,370 ERROR [STDERR] 28 fÃ(c)vr. 2008 10:41:07
          ATTENTION: Could not find renderer for
          CorePanelGroupLayout[UIXFacesBeanImpl, id=j_id26] rendererType = org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.GroupLayout

          trinidad-api-1.2.6.jar and trinidad-impl-1.2.6.jar are in my wen-inf/lib directory.

          Any ideas ?

          Thanks in advance,

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            Keith Naas Novice

            However, many JSF components are designed to support only certain children.  For instance, a dataTable doesn't support any arbitrary child tag.  It supports facets, and it supports columns.  It won't allow me to put a panelGrid or an inputText as a direct child of the dataTable.

            You might try looking at the trinidad website for help.