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    Clean up the folders dist and exploded-archives


      Sometimes (didn't find out when) I changed some files like for example theme.css, but on seam deploy it doesn't get into the folder exploded-archives and so not into my project-ear.

      Because it annoyed me more then once, I tried to write an ant task to get rid of the old file versions.

      I added a clear-task to the project-build-xml-file and call it in the seam-gen-build-xml-file.


      <target name="clean" depends="validate-project" description="Cleans up the dist and exploded folders">
        <echo message="Cleaning up temporay data in project '${project.name}'" />
        <ant antfile="${project.home}/build.xml" target="clean" inheritall="false"/>


      <target name="clean" description="Clean up the temp exploded archives and dists">
        <delete dir="exploded-archives/${project.name}.ear" failonerror="no"/>
        <delete dir="exploded-archives/${project.name}.jar" failonerror="no"/>
        <delete dir="exploded-archives/${project.name}.war" failonerror="no"/>
        <delete file="${dist.dir}/${project.name}.ear" failonerror="no"/>
        <delete file="${dist.dir}/${project.name}.jar" failonerror="no"/>
        <delete file="${dist.dir}/${project.name}.war" failonerror="no"/>

      HTHso ;)