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    rich:fileUpload problem after adding dynafaces(with UI)

    jsf geeks Master

      Hi all,

      I am developing an application in Richfaces. Before that, I was using UI components (xmlns:ui="http://www.sun.com/web/ui") with dynafaces.
      Now, I want to merge both the projects (New Richfaces and old UI_with_dynafaces). Even I have done this successfully. But, the problem is, the rich:fileUpload stops it's working after adding UI project(pages) to the Richfaces project. The other things almost works fine.
      In Richfaces only, it works fine. But, my need is to merge both the projects.
      I am developing it using Richfaces 3.3.2 SR1, Glassfish V2.1, Netbeans 6.7.1.

      Any help will be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,