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    Seam Managed Transaction

    Bernix Ning Newbie

      This may has been discussed before, but I am still a little confusing...

      I found the comments:

      Seam managed JTA: Seam will call the JTA API for you automatically during the JSF lifecycle, meaning it will wrap two transactions around a JSF request. One transaction starts when the request hits the server and is committed when INVOKE APPLICATION is complete. The second transaction spans only the RENDER RESPONSE phase. This is an optimized and recommended pattern in a Seam/JSF application. All EJBs and indeed any POJOs you call during that request are participating in that transaction. To enable it, configure JSF with the TransactionalSeamPhaseListener.

      in the old forum http://www.jboss.com/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=106992

      I have a nested conversation, and when I invoked some actions inside it, if I edit some saved data(some entities got from database), the changes got persisted! even I didn't call any em.persist() or em.merge() ...

      I didn't configure SeamPhaseListener in faces-config.xml...
      why there's still a transaction?