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    After a JSF invalidation my conversation acts wrong

    Aionesa Cristian Newbie

      My exact case:

      I have a table with some data, in witch I have an Edit link for every row
      Every time I hit Edit a new long running conversation starts. So, I can start one conversation and after that I can go back at the dataTable and start another one. On every conversation I have a selectedPerson object witch I try to edit.

      My problem is that let's say that I am on Conv 1 and I try to switch to Conv 2. At Process validation PHASE I have a validation error at a required field and my page is redisplayed with an error message. So far everything is ok.
      I fill in a value for that field and I try to switch again to Conv2.
      The problem is that when I get to Conv2 the values that apear on page are those from Conv1. So somehow data gets mixed.
      If i don't get any validation error everything is ok, I can switch conversations without a problem. Data is OK.
      I want to mention that I have looked at the selectedPerson from every conversation and the objects are ok. The data is not mixed. I believe is something at the JSF render response phase, but I am not sure.

      Thanks for any help!