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    adding restrictions implies parameters don´t work. bug?

    Jaime Martin Apprentice

      I´ve found a very strange behaviour. Please read this and tell me what do you think.
      I´m working with seam 201GA, JBOSS422 and Java 6.
      I had problems with query parameters. I explained them in this

      But later I´ve realised that with other list pages I´ve checked I don´t have that problems.
      All that list pages where seam-gened so I´ve been trying to find out what have I added that spoils my Firm object seam-gened list.
      After loking and looking at my code I realised that one of the things I have added to the seam gened application are permission restrictions.

      In my pages.xml I have added this.

       <page view-id="/FirmList.xhtml">

      On the other hand, in my security.drl I´ve added the following:

      rule FirmList
          c: PermissionCheck(name == "/FirmList.xhtml")
          Role(name == "adminGral") 
          Role(name == "adminFirm") 

      As far as permissions are concerned, the code I´ve added works perfectly. I mean you´re only authorised to enter that page (FirmList.xhtml)
      as long as your role is adminGral or adminFirm, but in the list page I have that nasty query parameter lost problem.
      But, if I remove the code I´ve pasted from pages.xml and security.drl then the list page works ok.
      So, adding permission restrictions implies a problem with query parameters. I find it really really strange.
      Is this a bug? would you like me to raise a JIRA?