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    Need help with dynamic data structure bean

    Stefan Schaf Newbie


      I'm trying to write a data structure bean to represent some dynamic data not known at compile time. E.g. a user object with some fixed attributes (login, name, ...) and a collection of key/value pairs set a run time. I would like to use this dynamic bean in Seam/Hibernate.

      I came up with the following design (Java pseudo code):

      class BeanProperty {
           String propName;
           String propValue;
      class BeanUser {
           String login;
           String name;
           Map<String, BeanProperty> propertiesMap;

      Since I'm totally new to this topic I'm not sure wheter this is the way to go. Unfortunatly I could not find any examples about this. So I would be very happy if you could give me some hints and also some example code. Also I would be very happy about some predefined SQL statments to include in the import.sql file in order to get the database filled with some data.

      Thanks a lot, Biggles