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    List Shuttle

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      Hi - I posted this several times to RF User forum but didn't find too much interest.

      Basically the problem is, then too many items are put into ListShuttle, it naturally slows down and it is not elegant to put so many items in a single list anyways.

      So the solution I came up with was to categorize the items I put into the left side of the ListShuttle.

      Implementation is like this. Suppose there is a list of Products I wish to put into ListShuttle. I extend it from an interface called Named and there is also another entity called Category that also extends Named.

      Named has two fields, id and name.

      So the idea is to present a number of categories first, let users drill down to actual Products and move them to right side.

      I managed to get the drill down (and up) bit working but when I try to move an actual product to the right, I see the back bean's create called three times and I am not able to get the selection (sourceSelection attribute of ListShuttle).

      I am looking for another pair of eyeballs who can tell me what I am missing here. Since the RF guys seem to be happy with current (non)functionality of ListShuttle, I am hoping Seam people might be interested in this otherwise fine component to the next level.

      You can see my monologue regarding this topic at RF User forum under nickname seammm.


      PS. If anyone is interested, I will post code as well.