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    Is there an equivalent to mod_rewrite in seam



      some of my forms depend on the location of the client.

      When I call the application the first time, I can give the location in as a parameter.

      But if I store it in the session, the session can expire and the parameter is lost. So I thought about using an URL prefix for my application.

      Instead of calling:


      I want to use:


      and have the value of PARAMETER accessed in my application.

      Is there a way to do this in seam?


      Otherwise I thought about saving the IP addresses in the DB and selecting the value dependent on the IP.

      How can I read the clients IP address from within a form?


      Are there even better solutions for my task?

      Thanks in advance, Peter

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          Damian Harvey Apprentice

          Have a look at UrlRewrite which is bundled with Seam. You should be able to change your URL from http://myhost/gdc/form.seam?parameter=PARAMETER into what you require (or something very close to it).



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            This sounds wonderful, thanks a lot! :D

            I only have some trouble to get it to work.
            I have added this blocks to the beginning of web.xml:

                <!-- URL Rewrite -->

            Then I created my urlrewrite.xml:

            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
            <!DOCTYPE urlrewrite PUBLIC "-//tuckey.org//DTD UrlRewrite 3.0//EN" "http://tuckey.org/res/dtds/urlrewrite3.0.dtd">

            So far, so good, but on deploy I get the following Exception:

            11:36:56,437 INFO  [EARDeployer] Init J2EE application: file:/E:/qi/installs/jboss/server/default/deploy/gdc.ear
            11:36:58,640 WARN  [SessionFactoryObjectFactory] InitialContext did not implement EventContext
            11:37:00,125 INFO  [ServletContextListener] Welcome to Seam 2.0.0.GA
            11:37:02,515 WARN  [Initialization] Did not install PojoCache due to NoClassDefFoundError: org/jgroups/MembershipListener
            11:37:03,406 ERROR [[/gdc]] Exception starting filter UrlRewriteFilter
            java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.tuckey.web.filters.urlrewrite.UrlRewriteFilter
                    at org.apache.catalina.loader.WebappClassLoader.loadClass(WebappClassLoader.java:1358)
                    at org.apache.catalina.loader.WebappClassLoader.loadClass(WebappClassLoader.java:1204)

            Then after some thinking I found the urlrewritefilter.jar in my project/lib-directory and copied it to the jboss/server/default/deploy/lib-directory, and it deployed without error.

            Now I only need the right syntax to get it to work.

            I tried to enter the following URL in the new format:



            But I only get an 404 with the message:

            The requested resource (/gdc/Terminal1/roomsbyname.seam) is not available.

            What have I forgotten? On the homepage, something is written that I have to put the Filter before my ServletMappings?!? Do I have any? I put the Filter as the first element.

            So, how can I debug, if the filter does anything at all?

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              UPDATE: I changed the rule to

                <to type="redirect">/gis47user/$2?start=$1</to>

              Now this page


              gets redirected to


              but I need the URL to stay as it is.

              I removed type="redirect" to use the forward-type, but this does not work.

              Has anybody an idea??

              Can I define the parameter start to be used an passed along in all my forms with some rule in my pages.xml??

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                Norman Richards Expert

                Several of the Seam examples (wiki, dvdstore, seambay) use URLRewrite.  I'd suggest starting there to get an idea how to write the rules.

                As a side note, Seam 2.1 will have a much simpler way to specify rewrite rules that work both for incoming and outgoing rewrites.

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                  Ah, looking forward to Seam 2.1, simpler is always good.

                  Okay, I started there, got the same idea as before, but this time I realised, what went wrong, thanks for the hint!

                  The real problem is, hopefully:

                  How do I reference an image placed in the root deployer?

                  Previously, I used in my forms images like:


                  Now I need something like:

                  ../images/mainmenu_rooms.png for the normal stuff
                  ../../images/mainmenu_rooms.png for the rewrite stuff

                  So, the little html programmer inside me wanted to use:


                  But this gets converted to:


                  because it is starting with a slash.

                  btw, wouldnt it be good to have a parameter for using the img-filename as htmlAltValue, at least in the debug mode?

                  And how do I highlight text inside of code areas?

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                    Norman Richards Expert

                    I don't have any experience with trying to use urlrewrite with URLs outside of the context-root of the web application. It's definitely not a path I'd want to go down.

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                      Me neither, but I have to generate new images, so I cannot put them in the ear file or anywhere else, right?

                      Sorry, maybe I formulated it a little bit misunderstandable. The urlrewrite works. This problem is new and completely without urlrewrite.

                      I have for example a simple image:


                      and I can hardcode it into my application with:

                      <h:graphicImage value="http://localhost:8080/images/simple.png"/>

                      This works great on my development machine, but when I deploy it to a production machine, it won't work.

                      But when I try to use it without the hostpart, something is prepending the project name:

                      <h:graphicImage value="/images/simple.png"/>

                      so the link in the html is like:


                      Can I turn off this behaviour by a page filter or something?

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                        Now I found a way to refer to files in the images folder of my server.

                        HACK: he-he

                        <h:graphicImage value="/../images/simple.png"/>

                        gets parsed as:

                        <img src="/gis47user/../images/simple.png" alt="" />

                        tested with ie and ff

                        good? bad?

                        What would be the correct way? Is there any?

                        Greetings, Pete

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                          David Fedchenko Newbie

                          You could add this to your components.xml:

                             <factory name="rootPath" value="#{facesContext.externalContext.request.scheme}://#{facesContext.externalContext.request.serverName}:#{facesContext.externalContext.request.serverPort}"/>

                          and then use it like this:

                           <h:graphicImage value="#{rootPath}/images/simple.png"/>

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                            Hello, this works well, and I can use it even from forms in subdirectories. Thank you!