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    Missing conversation entry

    eirirlar Newbie

      Seems to be a bug in Conversation.java:

        public static Conversation instance()
            ConversationEntry entry = manager.getCurrentConversationEntry();
            if (entry==null)
               throw new IllegalStateException("missing conversation entry"); //should never happen

      As the comment states, the IllegalArgumentException should never be thrown. This does happen, however, when you attempt to programatically set your own conversation id by calling:


      I couldn't find any docs that tells me not to call this method, and it's public.

      If this is not a bug, what is the correct way to programatically set the conversation id?

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          Norman Richards Expert

          I don't think there is a correct way to do that.  Why are you trying to do that?

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            eirirlar Newbie

            Guys, thanks for answers, but have you tried to implement something with natural conversations? It doesn't work. Not even in the seam-bay example which is supposed to be the way to do it.

            Here's a post I made in the old forum:

            In my application I keep getting 'Conversation id is already in use' when I try to use the same link twice to start the natural conversation. I thought I should have a look at the seam-bay example to figure out what I did wrong, but it turns out the same problem exists there. Please try for yourself (seam-2.1.0.A1 or 2.0.1.GA):

            1) log in
            2) search for art, click on the painting
            3) place a bid
            4) visit another page
            5) go back to localhost:8080/seam-bay and navigate to the same painting
            6) place a bid - Conversation id is already in use

            Seems like there's a either a bug in the way seam-bay uses natural conversations, or a bug in the implementation of natural conversation. Either way, any help appreciated :)

            I didn't find a solution to the problem then and it's still around.

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              eirirlar Newbie

              Just wanted to specify that it is joining an existing natural conversation that does not work, and that produces the java.lang.IllegalStateException: Conversation id is already in use:

              Although seam-bay uses h:outputLink, it also does not work with s:link, s:button, h:commandLink or h:commandButton.

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                eirirlar Newbie

                Seems like this is already scheduled to be fixed in 2.1.0.GA. Here's the jira case, please vote for it :)