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    EntityQuery.dataModel - broken!

    Alex Savitsky Novice

      It seems that the dataModel property for EntityQuery is completely broken, at least for conversation-scoped queries. Here's a simple example:

      <framework:entity-query name="data" scope="conversation" ejbql="FROM Data" order="value" />

      Data is a simple entity class with properties id and value, nothing special...

      index.xhtml (I use Facelets, though I doubt it's related):
      <h:dataTable value="#{data.dataModel}" var="dataItem">
                <h:outputText value="#{dataItem.value}" />

      Simple enough, eh? Except that no data is displayed (though it's retrieved - I verified this by

      Using the resultList property instead of dataModel works fine; so does changing the scope of query from conversation to session.

      Is this a bug? Am I using the dataModel property in an improper way?