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    How to customize rich:dataTable to only show a part of the resultList


      Hello, I customized (in the meaning of cropped) the seam-generated list to use it in a public form:

      <rich:dataTable var="person" value="#{personList.resultList}" rendered="#{not empty personList.resultList}">
          <s:link view="/staffdetails.xhtml" value="#{person.title} #{person.firstName} #{person.lastName}" id="fullname">
            <f:param name="personId" value="#{person.id}"/>

      Because there are only 2 columns I wanted to make some more instances of the dataTable and put them from left to right.

      So, if resultList is for example 80 elements, I want to show 1-20 in the first table, 21-40 in the next one, and so on ..
      Can this simply be done by an additional parameter or do I have to make a special function for each method?

      Thanks in advance, Pete