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    creating a own component

    reinhard partmann Newbie


      we are trying to develop a richface component,
      which has more than one html input elements (listbox, string,..)
      and everything should go to one bean.

      Could someone give a hint to start or possible similar components, please?


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          Stefan Huber Newbie


          "ilya_shaikovsky" wrote:
          look though our CDK guide.

          Whe original posting was not as elaborate as it should have been...
          The main problems we have are twofold: The main issue we're habing is how to start with it.
          We have several database fields that should go into one EichFaces component which itself consists of more than one HTML elements.

          I didn't reply earlier beacuse I am currently seeking my way through the RichFaces CDK guide to find an appropriate starting point. And I am struggling with the setup of JBoss itself. So we'll eventually come back to this thread at a later time.

          Thanks for reading,