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    Seam-gen and synonyms

    Danilo Cubrovic Newbie

      When I use seam-gen to generate skeleton of my application seam-gen doesn't handle synonyms in my database.
      Synonyms are used for tables that are in some other schema.
      What's the solution for this?
      Seam to me little strange that nobody solve this so it must be something there. Or you guys don't use seam-gen for anything but trivial applications.

      Thanks for any comments on this

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          Francisco Jose Peredo Noguez Master


          In fact the problem with synonyms is not seam-gen, but the hibernate tools, I don't  know what database are you using, but I have this synonym problem when I use Oracle.

          I think that the trick to solve this problem must be to improve  the OracleMetaDataDialect (or the MetaDataDialect for you database) and make it synonym aware if you do that, then Hibernate and Seam-gen will both be able to generate CRUD screens for you synonyms.

          So... I think this is more like an HibernateTools bug (missing feature?)... (no a seam-gen bug)