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    Problems disabling the ExceptionFilter

    Javier Frank Newbie

          we are integrating seam into our existing web applications , where we already have a solution for dealing with exceptions that we wouldn't like to throw away, at least not right now.

      So the straightforward way of keep handling the exceptions with our error pages seem to be disabling the ExceptionFilter by adding this

      <web:exception-filter disabled="true"/>

      to the components.xml.

      And that seem to work, but only if there is no JSF navigation performed before hitting an exception. Otherwise, we are still getting the

      ERROR [SeamPhaseListener] swallowing exception

      on the logs, and of course, the configured error page (a jsp set up at the wev.xml) is not called.

      We do not have any fine grained configuration files, so my uninformed guess is that somehow the JSF facilities provided by spring are configuring the exception filter by themselves, overriding the original set up from the config files.

      Any Ideas?