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    Seam 2 + context.getApplication()

    Alok Kumar Newbie


      How can I make the above call to return the same result as

       new SeamApplication().getDelegate()

      The reason I need is at a lot of place in JSF and facelet API call is being made to cotext.getApplcation() and then further methods are called on this . What is happeneing is in Seam2 environment cotext.getApplcation() returns a instance of SeamApplication and when we call a method like say getExpressionFactory() on that it returns the SeamExpressionFactory instance, but what i expect it to return is ExpressionFactory regitered with my Application Implementation. For that to happen I need the above condition to be satisfied.

      is there a way to do this.

      Please help me out ....

      Thanks in advance