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    Extend SeamApplication

    Alok Kumar Newbie

      I want to extend SeamApplication class. Well writing a class extending that is not an issue :) what I am asking is how do register in my web application so that the constructor gets called.

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          Alok Kumar Newbie

          My class looks like this

          public class Application extends SeamApplication
               public Application( Application application )
                    super( application );
                    // TODO Auto-generated constructor stub
               public ExpressionFactory getExpressionFactory()
                    return application.getExpressionFactory();

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            Keith Naas Novice

            The application object is instantiated by an ApplicationFactoryand that is controlled within faces-config.xml.


            What is the different behavior you are adding in the custom Application class?  Its possible it can be done without needing to override the ApplicationFactory.

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              Alok Kumar Newbie

              What I want si that to override the getExpressionFactory() method so that I can use my own ExpressionFactory instance instead of one provided by seam.

              One more thing I want context.getApplication() to return my Application directly and not SeamApplication instance on which i have to call getDelegate to get my Application instance. Because this is causing is a lot of problems from the JSF API code.
              The same thing was working properly with Seam 1.2 because all the Methods were registered there in SeamApplication.java

              One small doubt Can I declare more than one ApplicationFactory in face-config.xml?