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    a4j:commandButton and a4j:commandLink

    Renato Bellia Newbie

      When I use a4j:commandButton or a4j:commandLink the action method is executed only once on the seam component, no matter how many clicks I demand, and the reRenderable UI components do not suffer any reRender.

      <a4j:outputPanel ... >
       <a4j:commandLink id="doIt" 
            value="click here" reRender="someTxt"                                           
       <h:outputLabel id="someTxt" 
          value="#{myComponent.data == null ? 'null' : 
                        myComponent.data.id}" />
      </a4j:outputPanel ... >

      Other ajax interactions, like

        <h:selectOneMenu ...>
          <a4j:support ajaxSingle="true" event="onchange"

      work fine.

      I´m using seam 1.2.1, jboss 4.0.5, myfaces 1.1.4, facelets  and richfaces 3.1.2.

      What am I missing ?