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    Conversational Scope with JavaBeans

    Ryan McDonough Newbie

      I am trying to create a Seam component which is a plain old JavaBean. I have declared the component as such:

      public class PresentationAction {
          private Log log;
           * The PresentationDAO is a Spring Bean using a Seam-Managed 
           * Hibernate Session
          public PresentationDAO presentationDAO;
          public List<PresentationValue> valueList;
           * The DataTable that the valueList is bound to
          private UIDataTable valueTable;
           * The selected fund
          public PresentationValue selectedObject;
           * The list of fund components for the selected fund.
          public List<Component<?>> componentList;
           * The selected fund component.
          private Component<?> selectedComponent;

      When I run it, the first request is fine. Subsequet requests yeild the following error:

      javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: /presentation.xhtml @26,29 binding="#{presentationA 
      ction.valueTable}": Target Unreachable, identifier 'presentationAction' resolved to null 
              at com.sun.

      I should note that the DAO is a Spring bean which uses a Seam-Managed persistence context. I looked at chapter 7 of the new Seam in Action book and it alluded to the fact that there is something additional that needs to be taken care of with conversation-scoped JavaBean. But that was in Chapter 3 :( Any suggestions?