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    Seam JPDL schema ?

    Guillaume Jeudy Master


      As I understand the seamiphied JPDL is using a custom schema format, is there an XSD somewhere I can refer to ? I would like to know if it's possible to pass a hard-coded parameter on a state transition similar to this:

       <start-page name="editProduct" view-id="/editProduct.xhtml">
               <transition name="next" to="addProductFamilyRel">
                        <out name="varB" value="X" />
                      <action expression="#{productAction.saveAttributes}" />
                 <transition name="cancel" to="end" />

      The current workaround I use is I outject my varB during execution of productAction.saveAttributes method. The problem with this approach is that my bean is now somehow aware of the navigation steps as it needs to prepare the next transition by outjecting varB in the conversation context.

      Has anyone run into similar issues? Any advice is appreciated.