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    login-required="true" post-login redirect is dropping the conversation

    Devon Hillard Novice

      I have a site that looks something like this:


      Some of the profile attributes, which are displayed on the profile-update page are lazy loading.

      In my profile-update.page.xml I declare


      In my login.page.xml I declare

      <begin-conversation join="true" />

      If I am not logged in and I come to the home page, then navigate to the login page, and then navigate to the profile-update page, everything works.  And here are the conversation Ids:

      home.seam - no long running conversation
      login.seam - 212
      profile-update.seam - 212

      And everything is cool.

      However, if I am not logged in, and I try to get to the profile-update page directly, I am redirected to the login page (as expected), I login, and am auto-magically redirected back to the profile-update page (I don't know how this is handled).  When I get to the profile-update page, I am dropped out of the conversation the login page had created, hence I can't lazy load any properties from the user object loaded from the entityManager during login.

      login.seam (redirected to from the profile-update page) - 218
      profile-update.seam (auto redirected to after login) - no long running conversation

      It looks like whatever is handling the post-login auto-redirection back to the initially requested resource is not propagating the existing conversation.

      Any ideas?