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    How to get rid of predefined styles in rich:datatables


      Hello, I've got a simple html table construct with 5 rows, each 200px wide. Inside of each td element I am embedding one rich:datatable element.

      <table class="personListings" style="width:1200px;">
        <td style="width:200px;">
         <rich:dataTable var="node" value="#{nodeList.resultList}">
          <h:column id="roomname">
           <s:link view="/roomsdetails.xhtml" value="#{node.name}">
            <f:param name="roomname" value="#{node.name}"/>

      I am trying to change the style of inner link elements, but I only see the default behaviour with minimally shrinked rows.
      There are some dynamically generated css-forms included, which  I want to override/exclude/ignore.

      How would I do this best or even at all? I tried everything that came into my mind, but nothing worked.

      Greetings, Pete