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    Rich ModalPanel Rendering Issue

    tanmoy c Newbie

      I am using rich modalpanel to display a pop up window in a jsf application. the rendering of the modalpanel is controlled using a boolean flag in showWhenRendered attribute of the modal panel. the rich modal panel is wrapped with a a4j:outputPanel. Code snippet is:

      <a4j:outputPanel id="alertPopupPanel">
      <rich:modalPanel id="alertPopupModalPanel" height="180" width="500"
      zindex="600" autosized="true">

      // pop up body

      the modalpanel is opened on a click of a a4j:commandLink conditionally by rendering the a4j:outputPanel id. the boolean flag is set to true when the modalpanel needs to be rendered.

      Problem: sometimes even after click of the commandlink and the boolean flag being set to true, the modalpanel does not get rendered. but if we open a new IE browser window and try again the modal panel gets displayed.

      please help in understanding why the modalpanel doesnot get displayed even after setting the boolean flag to true and the modalpanel is rerendered.